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Providing Everything You Need

Layout & Shop Drawing

Shop drawing provides fabricators with necessary information used to manufacture, assemble, fabricate, and install all the components needed for a project. when an order is placed, we request a shop drawing from the professional drawers we hire to get a detailed concept in which we think will fit you or satisfy you the most.

Mechanical Electrical Plumping Drawing

We serve a fully organized plan for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, of your kitchen or bakery in which you like and satisfy you and provide free movement for your workers without thinking about what could happen.


Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Equipment

We offer excellent services for high-quality supply, installation, testing and commissioning, ancillary material, and other items and whatsoever required for carrying out the job fulfill the purposes as laid in the specifications and/or the drawings.

Field Training

We provide demo training for our clients, teaching them how to use it properly so they can use it the best way they can and extract the best results possible.

ktc kitchen

After Sales Services

We offer a warranty for our clients and maintenance even after the sale to provide even a longer-term for your item so you don't have to waste more money.

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