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Shawarma Machine

Description: Stainless steel heavy duty AISI 304,  Standard Model Double  shawarma griller machine with  hood.  Unit with s/steel base cabinet with sliding doors.

(3VAPA burners x 2 machines. (Gas or Electric Available)

Model No.: KSM142C

Dimension: 1500x700x2250 mm

Capacity: 2 Machine

Origin: UAE


Description: Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Aisi 304, Electric Shawarma Machine (Table Top).

Electric doner with 3 switches, opening resistances and a breaking motor with autonomous plug.

Model No.: ND8

Dimension: 480x525x1120 mm

Capacity: 75-100 Kg

Spit Length: 82 CM

Origin: FRANCE

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