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Packing Machine

Description: Heavy Duty Vacuum Packaging Machine C308 is featured by a completely automatic packaging cycle and is equipped with the digital command board. It has a microprocessor and offers a range of 10 independent programs. It is fully stainless steel built, vacuum chamber included, and has rounded internal corners to facilitate cleaning.

Model No.: C308

Dimension: 395x490x374 mm

Origin: ITALY


Description: Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hand Wrapping Machine. Designed for packing meat, cheese, pasta, fruits and vegetables; our wrapping machines offer a fast hygienic service for supermarkets, butcher’s, delicatessens and wherever fresh products retail needs a quick and safe daily packaging. Anodized aluminium rollers and rods. Heating surface temperature adjustable by thermostat. Teflon coated section (do not smoke).

Model No.: DIPA 45K S

Dimension: 485x600x140 mm

Origin: ITALY

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